Yoga Retreat in India

What Actually Happens at a Yoga Retreat?

Going on a Yoga Retreat means to experience the inner you, to know your true self and much more.

Detoxicate Your Life

When you daily cleanse your body by bathing, then isn't it necessary to clean your mind and soul too? Yes!!!!! 
Then look no further and go on a yoga & meditation retreat. A Retreat helps you nourish & cleanse your body from the inside out. It will focus on the main reason to make you feel good, really good, in all ways; you will feel rejuvenated, restored, refreshed, re-inspired and most importantly, best of all is that you will feel new. "Simply about being" these are the words that define a Retreat completely. Step away from all worries and drains and instead put your focus on listening to your own needs. On a retreat, you will feel completely new, explore new things and go deeper into the world of yoga or in the learning of meditation. So, join 7 days Yoga & Meditation Retreat and Speak up with your soul and go far away from the daily grind of life by taking time out in the nurturing environment of a Retreat that will connect you with your true self.

  An "R" for an "R"

You might be thinking, What is this An "R" for an "R"?
Rishikesh for Retreat is all that depicts the meaning of this. On the banks of the river Ganga, at the majestic Himalayas' foothills & in the lap of nature; a small sanctified city "Rishikesh" lies there where one can find a deep connection with nature. The astonishing beauty of the place is enough to make the mood joyous & mind stable. The explosion of yoga in Rishikesh means there's a peace at every step, on every place. Choosing a holiday or retreat here can be overwhelming. Mountains, River, Temples, Ashrams, Waterfalls, Greenery, Beauty & much more; these are enough to make you mesmerized with the beauty of Rishikesh.


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